About Us

 Blue Ridge Beef
 Natural Raw Pet Food Diets for Dogs and Cats

We are a family owned and operated pet food manufacturer, registered with the USDA in our states.  For the past 30 years, committed to the best nutritional quality raw food, price, and service we can provide.  More people are realizing the benefits in feeding real food to their pets of all ages.  We have always offered special ground meats to kittens and puppies, here is where the real food counts and the rewards begin. . .

We use a common sense approach  in selecting the best quality raw foods which provide the best known source of protein. appropriate natural nutrition for dogs and cats of all ages.


Remember - science is not better than nature.  When man changes things from their natural state to increase  profits, the food is no longer 'real'.  It  becomes a man-made imitation. . .

100% Pure Meat
no additives or preservatives